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Analyzing Old Spice Essay - 766 Words

Analyzing Old Spice Advertisements these days use many different techniques in order to sell a product. The Old Spice Company uses several methods to convey a message and sell their product. Old Spice commercials are well known for using the famous Isaiah Mustafa, wrapped in just a towel, to talk about the company’s product. While Mustafa walks and talks, the background and setting of the commercial changes and the actor never loses eye contact. The product is always shown throughout the entire commercial. By combining all the elements of gender stereotyping, sexual imagery, and racial innuendoes, Old Spice is able to convey a message to sell their hygienic products. When it comes to attracting the right audience, Old Spice knows what†¦show more content†¦The sexual appeal in the Old Spice commercials is very evident. Throughout the entire ad, the central character does not have any clothing on except for a towel. Also, the undying eye contact, never ending perfect po sture and the same central location of the bathroom also has an equal sexual appeal. Isaiah Mustafa is very buff, tall, and has the ultimate sexy voice. His eyes, stance, lack of clothing and voice draw you in like a moth to a light. The overall appeal to the character is unquestionable, you cannot help but stare. If you cannot help but pay attention to a commercial, then you will also pay attention to the product being addressed (citation 2). In this way, the company is able to grab your attention and keep it long enough to get their product out there. The racial innuendo in the Old Spice commercial is probably the least evident technique used to draw potential customers in. There is no denying that the main character is African-American. Without the use of this particular actor and his race, the commercial just would not be the same. Usually in any voice over or previously recorded advertisement, there is a black man speaking. They know how to enunciate the right words and have the â€Å"voice† to go along with it (citation 1). This might be a racial stereotype but it works for this particular commercial really well. His voice draws you in, captivates you and makes you want to listen. Plus, with his dark skin, his eyes pop out evenShow MoreRelatedAnalyzing Persuasive Techniques in Old Spices The Man Your Man Could Smell Like Commercial1492 Words   |  6 PagesUniversity of Rijeka Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences Department of English Language and Literature Analyzing Persuasive Techniques in Old Spices â€Å"The Man Your Man Could Smell Likeâ€Å" Commercial Student: Mia Sarić Course: English Language 1 Course Instructor: Irena MeÃ… ¡trović Ã…  tajduhar, M.Ed. Ac. Year: 2012/2013 This essay covers persuasive techniques used in the video commercial for Old Spice deodorant, as well as the messages that lie in the heart of the very commercial. The essay will try toRead MoreOld Spice Ad Analysis1194 Words   |  5 Pages television advertisement companies, main intention is to captivate the audience in other to purchase their product that they are portraying. In this essay, I will be analyzing these two ads, â€Å"Whale† (Old Spice) and â€Å"Susan Glenn† (Axe). These ads are formulated to get their products noticed, along with sparking the interest of the other goods they may offer. Countless methods are used to convince the audience that’s being targeted to buy the product. Therefore, these adsRead MoreOld Age Is Partially Responsible For The Risk Of Developing Health Related Issues Within The Elderly Population1348 Words   |  6 PagesNormal aging creates imminent and inevitable changes. Old age is partially r esponsible for the added risk of developing health-related issues within the elderly population. The SPICES evidence-based tool provides a framework for analyzing older adults concentrating on six comparable marker conditions: sleep disorders, problems with eating and feeding, incontinence, confusion, evidence of falls, and skin breakdown (The Hartford Institute for Geriatric Nursing, n.d.). These circumstances provideRead MorePopular Songs : Drugs And Pro Drugs981 Words   |  4 Pagesthe album The Marshall Mathers LP ( Suga Boom Boom (Chasing Dragons) was written and sung by D. L. Downer a.k.a. James Williams and his 16-year-old niece Laleazy was produced as a single by MajorEpic music label and was released on October 26, 2014. Both of these songs are within the rap and hip-hop genres. When analyzing and comparing and contrasting these two songs we need to consider why one is more popular than the other, why and how has drugs become such a prevalent problemRead MoreMarketing Analysis : Marketing Communications2799 Words   |  12 PagesMarketing communications are a fundamental part in a creating and implementing a marketing plan to deliver product information, competitive advantage, retain the current customer base, gain new consumers, and reinforce relationships with stakeholders. Analyzing various marketing communication components in advertising, personal selling, public relations, and promotion will determine the most effective route to reach the target market and promote products. Advertising Advertising is one of if not the mostRead MoreCommercializing Gender Essay1846 Words   |  8 Pagesas holding the title of bread-winner in a family unit. Similarly, femininity is portrayed with its own set of characteristics such as being a patient homemaker. Current examples that portray these characteristics are advertisements for Swiffer, Old Spice and Mr. Clean, which will be analyzed later on in the paper. Furthermore, each of these advertisements has been in circulation for a significant amount of time, showing some modifications all while maintaining the same generalized main characterRead MoreThe Vermont Gurudwara1656 Words   |  7 Pagescooked for more than two hundred, there was not a single dish that one could find fault in it. The curries had the perfect dash of spice and were as perfect as home cooked food. After filling their plates with savory food, people sat in groups and spoke about their daily lives. They spoke about how good the food was and the old people jus t complained about the unbearable spice level shooting the roofs in some dishes. The students had brought along their university friends with them who weren t IndianRead MoreCompany Analysis From An Employee Perspective Essay1465 Words   |  6 Pagesis the report about Old Chang Kee Ltd. The objective of this report is to analyze this company base on their performance and historical development of the company financial ratio for the years 2013 to 2015. Meanwhile, also analyze it from the income statement and the balance sheet of the Old Chang Kee Ltd as an imagery employee. From the view of employee perspective, find out the reason behind this company as it grows rapidly. And become a successful enterprise. Background Old Chang Kee Ltd is aRead MoreThe World That Trade Created By Kenneth Pomeranz And Steven Topik1510 Words   |  7 Pagesthe help of seven chapters filled with various articles, the authors uncover how trade is interconnected with many other subjects such as economics, culture, and industrialization. The book examines trade from the New World with few references to the Old World with ties to all habitable continents. The book lets the reader get lost in history by showing how everything in interconnected in history. In the first chapter, the authors uncover how trade started in the New World. I feel like this was oneRead MoreStarbucks Is A For Selling And Roasting Its Famous Whole Bean Coffees Essay1231 Words   |  5 Pages total 40 percent of Starbuck’s sales† (O’Farrell, 2016). This target market focuses on college students, because their business place is usually an area these customers go to study, hang, or have meetings. Finally, Starbucks targets 13 to 17 year olds, which consists of two percent of sales (O’Farrell, 2016). Although Starbucks does not target market kids they do offer kids drinks, which parents tend to buy for their kids. Starbucks sells to a particular demographic. The majority of their customers

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